Turmeric Ginger Mushroom Anti-inflammatory Raw Chocolates

raw chocolates

I love being able to eat dessert and know that all the ingredients in it are not only 'not bad for me' but in fact are beneficial and supportive of my health is even better! Our herbal extract powders all blend so seamlessly with the chocolate flavor, that there are endless possibilities of chocolate treats we can make. Especially while we are still deep in winter, with rain and snow coming down, and people getting sick around us, we want to have the strongest most powerful immune system that we possibly can. Both Reishi and Chaga are superior immune-modulators, meaning they adapt to your specific immune system. These medicinal mushrooms are also powerful anti-inflammatory herbs, and with the addition of ingredients like turmeric, ginger, and bee pollen, inflammation won't be able to touch you with a ten foot pole! Plus, the gorgeous color combination of turmeric and bee pollen with the dark chocolate is just so beautiful!

*I personally enjoy my chocolate a little more on the bitter side, so feel free to add more honey if its not sweet enough for you

Raw Chocolate Recipe:

1.5 cups coconut oil (liquid)-if you live in colder climates you may have to warm it up in a double boiler.

3-4 tablespoons raw honey

Combine these two ingredients, and set aside.

Chocolate layer:use 1 cup of the coconut oil and honey mixture and blend with 1 cup raw cacao powder, and 1 teaspoon each of Reishi and Chaga powder. Use half for the bottom layer, and make sure to set aside the other half for the top. Pour into molds and set in the freezer until firm.

Middle layer: grate a small piece of turmeric root and ginger root, add to the oil and honey mixture. sprinkle in some bee pollen and cinnamon. blend, and pour on top of the solid chocolate bottom layer. Place back in freezer until firm.

Pour on top layer, and sprinkle with bee pollen, coconut flakes, or your favorite topping.  Place back into freezer to firm up, and then store in refrigerator