Hibiscus Rose Coconut Milk Latte with Reishi


Hibiscus Rose Coconut Milk Latte with Reishi
This drink is full of antioxidants, vitamin C and is anti-inflammatory, liver protective and all around delicious! Hibiscus, rose and Reishi all have mood boosting properties and can provide relief for anxiety, insomnia and tension. This drink is perfect for evenings, stressful times or PMS, plus it's so pretty just looking at it will brighten your day.
(I purchased the rose buds and hibiscus powder from @mountainroseherbs )
1/3 cup rose buds 🌹
1/2 tsp hibiscus powder 🌺
1 tsp Reishi 🍄
12 ounces coconut milk
On the stove warm up the coconut milk with the rose buds. Let steep for 3-5 min. Warm back up, strain out buds and place in blender with hibiscus and Reishi. Add 1 tsp of honey if desired. Blend and enjoy!