The Queen Mushroom Reishi


Reishi belongs to a special class of medicine called 'tonic herbs'. .

These are substances considered so foundational and important to overall health, vitality and quality of life that they are encouraged to be taken daily for their benefits, whether sick or not. Reishi, like most adaptogenic herbs support and balance the endocrine and hormonal systems in the body. Hormones control our mood, perceptions, sleep-wake cycles, bonding, connection and our awareness of reality.


Reishi is one of the most studied herbal substances, and has truly stood the test of time. With more scientific studies coming out supporting the benefits of Reishi, it truly is a superior mushroom. Recent studies have shown Reishi has demonstrable antioxidant and life-extending properties as well as the ability to stimulate activity in brain neurons by increasing Nerve Growth Factor.

Copy and Paste the links below to check out some the incredible studies about Reishi published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information